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The SnPb molecule has been identified in a Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry experiment. The direct dissociation reaction and two isomolecular exchange reactions involving the Sn(2) and Pb(2) molecules have been studied, in the 1426-1705 K range of temperatures, using both second and third law procedures. The D(degree)0(SnPb,g) has been derived, for the first time, as (122.6+/-4.0) kJ mol(-1). Density functional and ab initio calculations up to the coupled clusters level of theory were also performed. In addition, the anion dissociation energy D(degree)0(SnPb(-),g) of (179.2+/-4.2) kJ mol(-1) was determined using the D(degree)0(SnPb,g) mass spectrometric value derived in this investigation and literature data.


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The following article appeared in Gigli G, Meloni G, Carrozzino M. Mass spectrometric and computational study of SnPb in the gas phase. J Chem Phys. 2005 Jan 1;122(1):14303. and may be found at



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