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The GaO and GaO2 molecules were investigated using negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy. All the photoelectron spectra showed vibrationally resolved progressions. With the aid of electronic structure calculations and Franck-Condon spectral simulations, different molecular parameters and energetics of GaO-/GaO and GaO2-/GaO2 were determined, including the electron affinity of GaO, the vibrational frequency of GaO-, and the term energy, spin-orbit splitting, and vibrational frequency for the first excited A 2PiOmega state of GaO. The GaO2- photoelectron spectra comprised three bands assigned as transitions from the linear X 1Sigma(g)+ ground state of GaO2- to three linear neutral states: the A 2Pi(g), B 2Pi(u), and C 2Sigma(u) + states. The symmetric stretch frequencies of the anion and three neutral states as well as the spin-orbit splitting of the neutral 2Pi states were determined. Electronic structure calculations found the neutral lowest energy linear structure to be only 63 meV higher than the neutral bent geometry.


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The following article appeared in Meloni G, Sheehan SM, Neumark DM. Gallium oxide and dioxide: investigation of the ground and low-lying electronic states via anion photoelectron spectroscopy. J Chem Phys. 2005 Feb 15;122(7):074317. and may be found at .



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