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The microsystem assessment conducted by a Clinical Nurse Leader student at an acute care hospital in the Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) revealed that two of eight patients were diagnosed with diabetes. The RRU nursing staff was 80% compliant with best practices related to insulin coverage administration within 30 minutes after a point of care blood glucose check. The practice improvement project aims to increase staff awareness and timely administration of insulin coverage by introducing situation monitoring, a core component of Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS). After baseline data collection, a 30-minute education intervention was implemented for 39 nurses reflecting 100% of the nursing staff. The anticipated outcome of this improvement project is 100% adherence to best practices related to insulin coverage administration. Results indicated that the nursing staff felt more confident post intervention. Clearly, the integration of TeamSTEPPS to increase awareness and timeliness of correct insulin coverage in acute care microsystems will result in creating a culture of improvement to optimize sustainability.