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Spring 5-19-2017

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Project/Capstone - Global access

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


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The title of the clinical nurse leader project is “I’m a Big Kid Now: Enhancing Transition RN Residents’ Confidence During Pediatric Patient Care”. The project aims to improve the support components for Transition RN residents during their Transition RN Residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The clinical leadership theme that correlates to this project is communication. The clinical nurse leader’s role is to act as an educator and a facilitator throughout this project. In examining the clinical nurse leader competencies, competencies “use performance measures to assess and improve the delivery of evidence-based practices and promote outcomes that demonstrate delivery of higher-value care” and “promote a culture of continuous quality improvement within a system” closely mirror the foundation of this clinical nurse leader project (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2013).

The process begins with (1) diligent assessment of the past Transition RN residents’ feedback regarding support components, and (2) a review of past mentors and debriefers’ meeting agendas with the aim of transforming these into two consolidated professional development coaching meetings. The process ends with enhanced support components for integration with the Transition RN Residency curriculum to facilitate Transition RN residents’ confidence/ competency in delivering pediatric patients’ care, and thus, enhance overall patients’ outcomes.

By working on the process, leadership team expects (1) better learning experience, (2) increased Transition RN residents’ satisfaction with the program, and (3) enhanced Transition RN residents’ confidence/ competency in treating pediatric patients. It is important to work on this in a timely manner because the leadership team has identified the need to improve (1) Transition RN residents’ satisfaction with the support components, and (2) Transition RN residents’ self report confidence/ competency in treating pediatric patients. Ultimately, this project will contribute a significant impact on enhancing pediatric patients’ outcomes. This project is undertaken as an evidence-based change of practice project at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and as such was not formally supervised by the Institutional Review Board.