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Spring 5-16-2024

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Doctor Seenae Chong


Abstract This field project explored and documented the leadership practices of Venerable Razeinda Thiri, a prominent Buddhist abbot and principal of Naung Taung Philanthropic Monastic School in Pa-O Self-Administered Zone, Myanmar. Through in-depth interviews with a senior monk, a teacher, a student, and a community member, the project investigated the servant and transformational leadership characteristics exhibited by the principal and sought recommendations for developing effective leadership skills among local leaders. The findings discovered that Venerable Razeinda Thiri demonstrated key servant and transformational leadership behaviors, including helping followers grow and succeed, embodying healing and empathy, fostering personalized communication, modeling exemplary conduct, empowering others, and providing inspirational motivation. Participants recommended that local leaders prioritize self-care and ensure honesty about agreements. The challenges encountered during the implementation of the project, such as civil war, technological constraints, personal concerns, and time zone differences, were navigated through adaptability, resilience, and effective communication. The project‘s implications extend beyond the Pa-O region, informing leadership practices in various educational and community-based settings and contributing to the broader discourse on effective leadership for social justice. The outcome was a practical leadership guide for abbots, monks, village leaders, and emerging community leaders in the region.