Date of Graduation

Spring 5-17-2024

Document Access

Project/Capstone - Global access

Degree Name

Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA)


School of Management

First Advisor

Dr. Marco Tavanti


The nonprofit sector is uniquely positioned for leading the charge in advocacy through various social justice movements, and their capacity to engage in lobbying work plays a crucial role in advancing policies that contribute to the collective good. The regulations on lobbying that are set forth and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charities can limit them from aggressively engaging in policy and advocacy work that holds legislators accountable to their constituents. Nonprofit 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations are governed by a regulatory framework that has the potential to expand on 501(c)(3) charities’ work because they are allowed to engage in unlimited lobbying as well as some restricted amounts of partisan work. This report evaluates the 501(c)(4) social welfare organizational structure and its potential to be a strategic force multiplier in the field that can give advocates the ability to accomplish greater policy advocacy goals that advance immigrant rights.