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Fall 12-15-2023

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions


MSN project


The postpartum unit at Hospital X experienced three separate newborn falls in 2023. Based on the current YTD birth numbers, this Bay Area hospital’s annual newborn fall rate of 8.75 per 10,000 live births is considerably higher than the national average of 1.6-4.14 falls per 10,000 live births. This project aims to decrease the number of newborn falls in this microsystem by increasing nurse-to-patient education using a signed infant safety pledge. The Infant Safety Pledge form was implemented for nurses to use as a tool when educating patients on newborn fall prevention and safety measures. The parent signature acknowledges the parents' understanding of the safety pledge. Pre- and post-intervention chart audits were conducted to verify fall education documentation. Pre- and post-intervention patient questionnaires were collected to evaluate nurse-to-patient education effectiveness. Zero newborn falls were reported from September to November 2023. The documentation of newborn fall prevention education increased by 18.9%. Patient education on newborn falls decreased by 4.6% and teaching done by the RN increased by 51.1%. Although the data obtained from the chart audits show an increase in patient education, the data from the Patient Education Survey show a slight decrease. This may suggest that while RNs are increasing education, patients may not be receptive to it. When comparing the data related to the source of patient education, teaching done by the RN increased considerably, demonstrating a positive change in nursing practice.

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