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Fall 12-12-2015

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions


Epidemiologic studies indicate blood glucose management in the hospitalized patient population is not adequate; with approximately 30% of patients reporting values >180mg/dl. Patients with increased blood glucose levels pose a higher mortality risk as well as increased risks for dehydration, hypotension, renal injury, decreased wound healing, immunosuppression, and an overall increase in hospital length of stay (AACE, 2015). This project aims to improve inpatient management of blood glucose levels by facilitating MD-RN communication through a reduction in the current reportable blood glucose level. This project took place on a 17 bed adult medical-surgical unit at a large academic hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. Data collection demonstrated hypoglycemia rates of 1.85%, normoglycemia rates of 56.5%, and hyperglycemia rates of 41.6%, which lead to the implementation of a new addition to the subcutaneous insulin order-set. Education regarding this new order has been provided to the medical-surgical staff nurses in addition to the conduction of a formal presentation to the Nurse Educator Forum and Diabetes Champion Committee for hospital wide dissemination.

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