Date of Graduation

Spring 5-19-2023

Document Access

Project/Capstone - Global access

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies (MAPS)


College of Arts and Sciences


Asia Pacific Studies

First Advisor

Genevieve Leung

Second Advisor

Mei-Chen Pan


There has been increasing interest in pre-colonial societies and practice in younger generations and it has become more prevalent in younger Filipino Americans, as evidence is shown through social media. Younger Filipino Americans have taken a step toward retracing their heritage and rejecting colonial customs embedded within their culture by bringing back pre-colonial practices. This study analyzes how younger generations are using the social media app TikTok as an educational tool, and how it is shifting social and cultural trends in Filipino American youths. Thematic analysis is used by collecting and analyzing audience engagement with content created by the top Filipino and Filipino American content creators on videos in three different areas, centered around history, culture, and society. In addition, utilizing literature to provide the historical background on the transformational changes the Philippines has undergone in these same areas since colonization. As well as data to show how social media has become a mode of academic research and the role it holds in younger generations. My findings show how there is a phenomenon and theme of rejecting colonial mentality and reclamation of cultural identity in Filipino American youths. In addition, it shows how social media apps such as TikTok have become the driving force in demonstrating this shift by being an accessible mode of communication and education.

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