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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions

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Susan Mortell DNP, RN, CNL

Second Advisor

Robin Jackson MSN, MA, RN, OCN, CNL


Problem: Patients receive information about a new thoracic aortic aneurysm (TAA) diagnosis from their primary care providers (PCPs). As TAA is a relatively rare conditions, many PCPs have rudimentary knowledge of TAA, and need information and support from cardiac specialists to address their patients’ concerns and guide their care.

Context: In the Regional TAA Surveillance Program the TAA nurses offer educational content for patients through the information they provide to the PCPs. Currently the educational material available to PCPs is not comprehensive or easily accessible.

Intervention: Uniform, comprehensive educational content provided through recommendations in the patient’s electronic medical record at the time of referral to the TAA surveillance program or via a link on physicians’ TAA eConsult page of the organization’s website.

Measure: The outcome measure is TAA RN documentation of recommendations that include TAAPI teachings in the EMR through chart review. The process measure is the proportional contribution of TAA RNs to the total number of charts reviewed. The balancing measure is TAA nurse satisfaction with the process change.

Results: Uniform, comprehensive educational content was created and disseminated through a one-step process. All four TAA nurses incorporated standardized messaging and TAAPI teaching in their recommendations and followed the new dissemination protocol.

Conclusions: The project demonstrated that new educational content could be created, added to the organizational website, and disseminated through patient electronic medical records via three TAA microsystems to meet the needs of patients and their primary care providers.

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