Date of Graduation

Spring 5-22-2015

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Project/Capstone - Global access

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions


Joy Lawley RNC, NICU Communication Improvement: A prospectus summary brief. Effective communication in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) not only reduces errors and adverse patient outcomes but also create an environment that promotes staff satisfaction. The purpose of this prospectus is that of improving the process of communication between the perinatal departments. The specific aim was to improve communication to the NICU through standardize communication tools (SBAR) from patient delivery to discharge starting April 1, 2015. With 100% participation of all staff members within a three month period and a 95% staff satisfaction related to improved communication from staff survey and reduction of missing information from chart audits by June 1, 2015. A form of structured standardized communication Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) was used to develop communications tools for admission and delivery nurse handoff report. The SBAR tools were integrated into the NICU and maternal child department of a 366 bed non-profit acute care hospital with a 22 bed community level III NICU. Lewin’s change theory was the framework. Evaluation methods yielded both quantitative and qualitative results through chart audits, direct observation and staff survey.