Date of Graduation

Fall 12-11-2020

Document Access

Project/Capstone - Global access

Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions



Problem: COVID-19 has generated issues and concerns in the healthcare field for staff and clinical settings worldwide, especially for this ambulatory surgery unit post-anesthesia care unit (ASU PACU). Although there was no measurable quality gap, there was a concern for a decrease in patient safety, employee satisfaction, and burnout because the staff were required to become critical care nurses to provide care for the critically ill COVID-19 patients.

Context: The ASU PACU was a critical part of the surge plan if the hospital could no longer house the influx of COVID-19 patients. The unit was shut down entirely two times in six months. Staff were displaced throughout the hospital for training. A project team was created to measure and improve staff safety, satisfaction, and address burnout.

Interventions: A Healthcare Team Vitality Instrument was utilized to gather baseline and monthly reassessment of interventions. Monthly wellness rounding was being used by the management team to attempt to regain trust, remain transparent, and promote psychological safety and welfare. Biweekly team huddles were conducted to have group check-ins.

Measures: The first outcome measure was defined as improving question four of the HTVI tool “my ideas really seem to count on this unit” from 4.13 to 4.34 by September 2020. The second outcome measure was defined as improving question eight of the HTVI tool “if I have an idea how to make things better on this unit, the manager and other staff are willing to try it” from 4.17 to 4.37 by September 2020.

Results: The final result of measures four and eight were 4.04 and 3.54, likely due to the project’s lack of consistency.

Conclusions: While the final results did not meet the goal, the project was still a success. It has helped build trust with the management team and the overall team and department by focusing on transparency and psychological wellness.