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Winter 12-11-2020

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


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PROBLEM: The Community Living Center (CLC) reveals an immense concern on shift-to-shift handoff report. Shift-to-shift report is done in the report room, often times unclear information is given and critical information is not appropriately conveyed.

CONTEXT: The project was implemented on a 50-bed unit at the Veterans Affairs. The improvement project was focused on collaborative partnerships, standardized bedside shift report, and utilization of the SBAR tool. in the prevention of communication errors.

INTERVENTIONS: The SBAR tool was utilized to provide a framework for effective communication between nurses. The CNL facilitated an hour in-service on bedside shift report to nurses with a mix of PowerPoint slides, video, and practice exercises using strategies from TeamSTEPPS.

MEASURES: The outcome measure for this project was defined as the number of handoffs performed on the CLC2 unit per month. The improvement goal is to achieve an 80% compliance rate.

RESULTS: The metrics show significant improvement in bedside shift report compliance from 78% to 83% in April 2020 and sustained through June 2020. 37.5% of nurses strongly agreed with the information given in the report is relevant to the care of their patients

CONCLUSION: Bedside shift report was successful by reducing miscommunication errors, increased nurse satisfaction, and maintaining compliance. The collaboration of the leadership team and frontline nurses was the key to success.

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