Going to College: Supporting Undocumented Latina/o Students in California During the College Application Process

Alinne N. Ortiz, University of San Francisco


A large number of undocumented Latina/o students are left with out access to

college resources and information. Due to the small numbers of undocumented students who do receive college access information, it is crucial that information is distributed to all undocumented Latina/o youth. This project was designed to provide up-to-date, culturally relevant and comprehensive information to families and communities of undocumented Latina/o youth. The project includes a seven-sectioned guidebook, which includes information regarding the importance of attending higher education, information regarding the California college system-including community college, and a list of resources and websites that are beneficial to undocumented Latina/o families and their children. This project does not attempt to address the structural issues within public schools that do not distribute college information and simultaneously push undocumented Latina/o youth out of school. It does however serve as a tool that families can use to advocate for their children and empower themselves and their communities.