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Research to date shows significant variability in the success of applying the common technique of use case diagramming for identifying information system scope in terms of use cases performed by actors interacting with an information system or performed automatically by the information system. The current research tests a) the benefits of using a work system snapshot, a basic analytical tool from the work system method, before producing use case diagrams, and b) the additional benefits of enhancing use case diagramming constructs to distinguish between automated activities, activities supported by the information system, and relevant manual activities. Teams of student subjects in an experiment produced substantially better use case diagrams - containing far more use cases and qualitatively better use cases than did the teams in control group - when provided with a work system snapshot that summarized a test scenario in terms of work system concepts


Originally published in the International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach 9(2), July-December 2016

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DOI: 10.4018/IJITSA.2016070101

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