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Bearing Witness: Joyce Carol Oates Studies (Gleeson Library | Geschke Center)

ISSN 2373-275X

"One of the little-understood responsibilities of the artist is to bear witness—in almost a religious sense—to certain things ... the experience of suffering, the humiliation of any form of persecution."
—Joyce Carol Oates, 1982

We invite submissions on all aspects of Joyce Carol Oates's writing, and are particularly interested in submissions treating those works and genres that have yet to receive significant critical attention.

International Journal of Human Rights Education

The International Journal of Human Rights Education is an independent, double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal dedicated to the examination of the theory, philosophy, research, and praxis central to the field of human rights education. This journal seeks to be a central location for critical thought in the field as it continues to expand.

Journal of Hispanic / Latino Theology

ISSN 1930-9147

Return of the JHLT

Watch This Space …

If you are reading this page, you‘re getting a taste of things to come for the Journal of Hispanic / Latino Theology, which is undergoing a renacimiento! The JHLT is the preeminent, peer-reviewed journal for Latinx Christian scholarship in theology, scriptures, ethics, religious history and U.S. Latinx cultures. Published since 1993 by ACHTUS, the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States, the JHLT showcases the work of thinkers from every religious and ethno-racial background on the religio-cultural condition of Latino/as in the United States. Our disciplinary mainstay is U.S. Latina/o theological studies —
an enterprise evermore informed by transnational and trans-historical perspectives, intercultural theorization, and interdisciplinary research drawing from fields outside religious studies.
The journal has been on editorial hiatus recently — as we rebuild our platform on Bepress's remarkable Digital Commons, thanks to generous support from the excellent staff of Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco, which will be our repository institution. The journal is changing its public presence in important ways. Until now, the JHLT has been a subscription-based publication. While its print edition was a bonus for members of ACHTUS, others had to pay annual subscription fees to read the journal. When we became an online journal about a decade ago, our editorial content likewise was behind a paywall, accessible only to ACHTUS members and paid subscribers. With our move to the Digital Commons universe, the JHLT will be open-access: While author and journal copyrights remain intact, all the editorial content of the journal will now be freely accessible to anyone accessing a Digital Commons search engine, or accessing the journal through USF's repository-library portal. You only need to run a couple of searches through the DC repository engine to be impressed with the range of scholarly material you can summon. (See the search boxes in the sidebar to the left.) While the journal will no longer earn revenues from subscriptions, the powerful Digital Commons platform will give our scholarship more global reach and citationality. We will become more relevant, as scholars the world over read us like never before.
If all goes well, our new site will go live with the JHLT's 15-year archive sometime before the ACHTUS Colloquium in June. We hope and plan to publish our next new edition of the journal before Thanksgiving 2017. Thereafter we anticipate publishing three to four issues annually, each comprising up to a half-dozen articles and essays, and any number of book reviews. In the meantime, keep us in your prayers as we complete our move and reconstruction.

Jorge A. Aquino


Nursing Communication

Nursing Communication, a peer-reviewed, on-line, open access journal, publishes the finest research concerning the communicative behavior of nurses. Scholars of communication, nursing, medicine, public health, psychology, sociology, and other related fields of study are invited to submit manuscripts. Contributors have four options: original research, literature review, promising practices, and forum/issues. Investigations employing the complete spectrum of methodological options are welcomed. Nursing Communication publishes semi-annually.

Ontario Review

ISSN 0316-4055

Ontario Review, A North American Journal of the Arts, was published from 1974 to 2008 by Raymond J. Smith and Joyce Carol Oates. This site is an online archive of the print journal.

University of San Francisco Law Review

Welcome to the University of San Francisco Law Review's Scholarship Repository page.

The University of San Francisco Law Review is a student-run organization staffed and managed by students of the University of San Francisco School of Law. Its primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship.