Date of Graduation

Winter 12-11-2020

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Master of Fine Arts in Writing (MFAW)


College of Arts and Sciences


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Arisa White

Second Advisor

Brittany Perham


Noted Mirrors seeks exploration, it seeks discovery it seeks experience. I think, like most of us, I’ve often had far more wonders than answers, but I often like it that way. Noted Mirrors tries to understand a romance that frightened, a friend taken away too soon that crippled. An unconditional love from grandparents and a mother that rescued. A relationship with an absent father that poisoned. Revelational relationships with familiar strangers that taught so much in the form of freeing. A fascination with Redwoods and Orcas that brought so much life into merely being. And a curiosity of the abstract that brought so much sight into merely seeing.

I think I learned just as much from writing this book as I had to learn in order to write it. What I mean is that in order for me to write my truth I first had to find meaning in that truth. What it meant to me, what I thought it could mean for people like me or the public in general. I found that meaning by simply realizing that I could be whoever I wanted to be as long as I remained curious; I could dream. So, I’ve chose to be a writer of ubiquitous exploration, whether that search led me home or to uncharted lands. I’ve chose to be a writer of foreign discovery, whether the finding is something of the exterior or interior. And most importantly, I’ve chose to be a writer of curious experience, no matter how many answers I get, no matter how many questions I have. Noted Mirrors serves as a reminder that I’m still dreaming, even today, right now.

Available for download on Sunday, December 03, 2023

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