Date of Graduation

Spring 5-18-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in International and Development Economics (MSIDEC)


College of Arts and Sciences



First Advisor

Prof. J. Anttila_Hughes

Second Advisor

Prof. A. Cassar


Abstract: Temperatures above 20° Celsius have shown to adversely impact human behavior, leading to increased aggression and violence. Climate change will contribute to both the magnitude and severity of this pattern as temperatures continue their rise. Contributions to this field of research have only recently begun to analyze online behavior and language as a proxy for hedonic state, or well-being. From a development perspective this study is relevant since the poor tend to live in some of the warmest regions on earth, and would thus be disproportionately impacted by increased temperatures. We use several sources of data; U.S. based daily statewide temperature data from 2016 through 2017, as well as localized viewer chat data from a live video streaming website. We will sort chatting comments looking for key words (i.e. hate speech, swearing, etc.), and with the use of a word rating system we then assess the overall mood of the chatters contingent on high temperature readings on the precise day of the communications. After controlling for spatiotemporal fixed effects, we find strong evidence that hedonic state decreases above 20°c.