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Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA)


This study surveyed the Chief Executive Officers of 300 California environmental organizations to investigate whether these officers were personally committed to their organizations' missions as demonstrated by 1) past and present activities in their personal lives that indicated personal values similar to those espoused by the organization, and 2) their intent to stay with their organization. It was hypothesized that the level of activity in the personal lives of the CEOs demonstrating personal commitment to their organizations would be positively related to their intent to stay with their organizations. It was also expected that there would be a negative association between the size of the environmental organization, and the amount of evidence indicating that the CEO had personal values that were congruent with those of the organization's mission.

This study demonstrated that the congruence of CEO personal values and organizational mission had a significantly positive effect on the intended length of stay of CEOs with their organizations. It also substantiated that individuals with high levels of values congruence (and therefore intent to stay) were strongly influenced by the environmental mission of the organization when accepting their current position. This has implications for the selection of future chief executive officers.