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Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA)


This study measured the motivational factors influencing the decisions of volunteers to serve the American Heart Association as division board members, and also measured actual outcomes these board members report experiencing as a result of such service. Comparisons were made to determine the degree to which there is a match between motives and incentives according to four distinct categories. The four categories were normative, rational, affiliative, and status. In addition, individual statements expressing board members' attitudes about their service were gathered. The results of the study were intended to provide information useful in board member recruitment and retention plans. The study revealed that, within the four categories, there was a high degree of correlation between the reasons individuals joined their current board and the actual incentives, or outcomes, being received. In general, board members appear to join primarily for normative reasons, followed by affiliative, status, and rational motives. When individual survey answers were examined, outcomes were reported at the same or higher levels within each category, except affiliative.