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Master of Arts in Economics


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Alessandra Cassar


About 300,000 women mostly of developing countries die due to pregnancy-related birth complications every year (Smith & Rodriguez. 2015). In Uganda, the maternal death is 1 in every 44 women (State of the World's Mothers' Index 2015, by Save the Children). This places the country as 141 out of 179 by the same ranking. Existing data attributes this anomaly mainly to lack of prompt obstetrics services (Wilunda et al, 2015). Thus, this paper presents empirical evidence of the effect of quality health care and support network on the outcome of a mother and her children during maternity. We employed survey to estimate the before and after delivery effect in health facilities across two districts in Uganda. We explored the intervention of Saving mother giving Life (SMGL) to reducing maternal mortality rate: as a measure of quality health care. Our results show that compared to other health facilities, mothers who received antenatal care services from any SMGL facilities are 0.306 points less likely to suffer from Postpartum Depression and 0.975 points more likely to have life satisfaction after delivery.

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