Personalidad y la Evaluación de Episodios Sociales: Una Replicación Transcultural. (Personality and the Evaluation of Social Episodes: A Cross-Cultural Replication)

T W. Milburn
Gerardo Marín, University of San Francisco
F Sabogal

This work was published by the Interamerican Society of Psychology


The study analyzed the perceptions held by college students in Colombia regarding social episodes (including two or more people) and asocial episodes (one person). The effect of two personality constructs (self-esteem and sociability) on the perception of the events was also analyzed. The data, much like data from college students in the United States, showed that individuals with high sociability needs preferred social to asocial episodes. Individuals with high self-esteem preferred events which required high levels of personal initiative. The data showed some sex-related differences in the perception of the events contrary to the results previously found among U.S. students.