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The analytic structure of the S-matrix of singular quantum mechanics is examined within a multichannel framework, with primary focus on its dependence with respect to a parameter (Ω) that determines the boundary conditions. Specifically, a characterization is given in terms of salient mathematical and physical properties governing its behavior. These properties involve unitarity and associated current-conserving Wronskian relations, time-reversal invariance, and Blaschke factorization. The approach leads to an interpretation of effective nonunitary solutions in singular quantum mechanics and their determination from the unitary family.


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The following article appeared in Camblong, Horacio E. and Epele, Luis N. and Fanchiotti, Huner and García Canal, Carlos A. Analytic structure of the S-matrix for singular quantum mechanics, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 56, 062105 (2015), and may be found at