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We present the complete Zeeman g tensors for the lowest-energy I15∕24 and I13∕24 states of Er3+ doped into Y2SiO5 for both crystallographic sites deduced from orientation-dependent optical Zeeman spectroscopy over three orthogonal crystal planes. From these data, principal axes of the g tensors were determined for each crystallographic site. Along axes with maximum values, the effective g factors are 14.65 (site 1) and 15.46 (site 2) for the ground state, and 12.97 (site 1) and 13.77 (site 2) for the excited state. To minimize optical decoherence and spectral diffusion in device applications and high resolution spectroscopy, special directions for applying an external magnetic field have been found for each site, for which the ground- and excited-state g factors are equal. Among those directions, choices are presented that also maximize the ground-state splittings for all four magnetically inequivalent sites, thus optimizing the prospects for freezing out electron spin fluctuations and reducing decoherence and spectral diffusion significantly.


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