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This Application was designed for undergraduate and graduate marketing management classes. Its premise is to ensure that students receive not only sufficient grounding in theory, but also an opportunity to apply their classroom learning in a marketing rich business environment. AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, a Major League Baseball (MLB) team, provides one forum for experiencing the marketing concepts that are taught to MBA and BA marketing students. From the branded cup holders in the stadium seats, to the corporate sponsored luxury suites, to the advertisements on the Jumbotron scoreboard, the students are inundated with branding, logos, advertising, public relations, pricing schemes and countless other examples of marketing. This off-campus Application brings marketing to life in a way that cannot be accomplished through lectures, case discussions and projects. There are several goals for this Application. The first is to anchor the key marketing concepts discussed throughout the course. The second is to apply those concepts in a real world environment. The third goal is to provide the experience for students to synthesize what they have learned into a well organized and analytical deliverable in the form of a reflection and research paper. As the marketing industry continues to evolve and reinvent itself, it is important to prepare marketing students to effectively use and understand the tactics, strategies and ideas that comprise this discipline. This Application successfully provides students with an integrative experience for their Marketing Management or Principles of Marketing classes.


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