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The purpose of this study is to explore male perceptions toward cosmetics and their product choice. Applying an ethnographic framework to this study, three males between the ages of 24-30 were interviewed through a series of 141 questions pertaining to their demographics, lifestyle, attitudes toward masculinity, skin care, grooming and cleaning behaviors. The results showed five overarching themes: (1) all of the participants had early experiences with personal care products, (2) the term masculinity was defined with terms such as "calm" and "practical", (3) all participants looked up to their fathers as their key role models, (4) all participants valued loyal friendships, and (5) location convenience drives shopping for cosmetics - participants tend to only shop for cosmetics at a location where they are based at any given point in time, thereby implying an unwillingness to travel to a specialty store for purchasing grooming items. Managerial implications utilizing the results of this research are also discussed.


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