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In this paper we consider the linear stability of a family of exact collapsing similarity solutions to the aggregation equation ρ t = ∇ · (ρ∇K * ρ) in Rd , d ⩾ 2, where K(r) = r γ/γ with γ > 2. It was previously observed [Y. Huang and A. L. Bertozzi, “Self-similar blowup solutions to an aggregation equation in Rn,” J. SIAM Appl. Math.70, 2582–2603 (Year: 2010)]10.1137/090774495 that radially symmetric solutions are attracted to a self-similar collapsing shell profile in infinite time for γ > 2. In this paper we compute the stability of the similarity solution and show that the collapsing shell solution is stable for 2 < γ < 4. For γ > 4, we show that the shell solution is always unstable and destabilizes into clusters that form a simplex which we observe to be the long time attractor. We then classify the stability of these simplex solutions and prove that two-dimensional (in-)stability implies n-dimensional (in-)stability.


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The following article appeared in Sun, Hui, David Uminsky, and Andrea L. Bertozzi. 2012. "Stability and clustering of self-similar solutions of aggregation equations." Journal Of Mathematical Physics 53, no. 11. and may be found at