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Racist stereotypes such as the Asian American modelminority myth falsely depict the Asian American community as homogenous and devoid of any educational equity problems. Consequently not many scholars consider the lack of representation of Asian American women faculty members in higher education. Pilipina American and Hawaiian female professors are the minority within the minority in institutions of higher education. Pilipina American and Hawaiian women professors are leading the struggle through academic and nonacademic fronts to advance the equity and social-justice movement in the United States and the world. Pilipina American and Hawaiian women professors use the process of decolonization as a tool for liberatory education and creating change; they begin this process by (a) deconstructing their history of colonial experience and (b) identifying modes of colonial resistance for their classrooms and their consciousness.

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Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Education

Colonialism and Resistance: The Filipino American and Pacific Islander Women Professorship Experience