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Fall 12-13-2022


Inaugural Reparative & Inclusive Description (RID) Survey Scholar, Zoe Hume (she/her), Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Curation Ph.D. student in the Department of Art Education at the University of South Florida presents about her internship experience, highlights of her final project, and thoughts about future initiatives. Zoe worked as a paid intern at Gleeson Library, USF during the fall 2022 semester conducting deep research and reflection to meet the goals of the internship:

The RID Survey Scholar will use Gleeson Library’s Harmful Language Statement and relevant literature as a framework for developing recommendations on descriptive practices that align with anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the library and across campus. The Scholar will critically examine systemic harm or inequities in library descriptive practices, identify potential community partners for collaborative projects, and recommend solutions that are reparative and inclusive, fostering an anti-oppressive approach to discovery and access.


Zoe Hume, Presenter

Annie Reid, Facilitator

Justine Withers, Moderator