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Background Identifying the most appropriate journal for a manuscript can be challenging for both experienced and novice nurse authors. Several factors should be considered when selecting a journal (e.g., peer-reviewed, target audience, type of manuscripts accepted, type of copyright and publishing model used). Selecting the most appropriate journal can save time for both authors and publishers.

Purpose The purpose of this article is to provide nurses, particularly those new to scholarly publishing, with clear, plain language guidance on the processes and considerations involved in selecting a journal for publication.

Methods A librarian and a nurse educator collaborated to develop an innovative 4-step process to help authors select the most appropriate journal for their manuscript.

Results A case study is used to illustrate the process, and a worksheet is provided to guide the reader through the selection of an appropriate journal for their manuscript.

Conclusions This manuscript can be used by individual nurse authors to find the most appropriate journal for their manuscript, as a teaching tool for nurse educators, and for others mentoring nurse authors who are new to publishing.