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As library collections continue to grow, stacks become overcrowded and library space is repurposed for patrons, librarians must transform into: Storage Warriors. Panelists will discuss the planning, organization, preparation and execution of three different library storage projects – two remote and one on campus, including lessons learned, key takeaways and post-move plans.

Sheli McHugh and Narda Tafuri will talk about the move of over 10,000 books from the University of Scranton to an off-site storage location last summer. Included will be the steps taken to get faculty buy in as well as the technical processes involved in executing the project, including: cataloging and logistical problems encountered along the way and what was done to overcome them, as well as side-projects that arose in connection with the project.

Sharon Wiles-Young will discuss Lehigh University’s Libraries’ use of multiple storage sites around campus to store its collections. The storage collections were consolidated into the current storage facility located on Lehigh's Mountaintop campus. Now that collection philosophies are changing between use of ILL and digital collections, learn how Lehigh is tackling this change by moving collections to storage and weeding the collection.

Erika Johnson will elaborate on the University of San Francisco’s massive move of over 100,000 journal volumes to remote storage during the summer of 2017. The move was undertaken in order to accommodate several new departments and the construction of new student collaborative and classroom spaces. She will share the challenges the library faced, the impacts on staff and services, and how they expect to manage this collection going forward.

Iron Mountain representative, Britt Mueller, will discuss some best practices in relocating and storing different types of library materials from a vendor perspective.


Presented at the Charleston Conference, November 8, 2017