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Three universities (Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University) have engaged in a multi-year project to leverage patron-initiated inter-library borrowing data to inform collection development. We now have three years of analyzing data for inter-library borrowing, spending, and circulation of local collections. In addition to establishing what a “normal” level of borrowing looks like, we have used this data to identify and fix gaps in our local collections; we also now have data on subsequent circulations of titles purchased as a result of this project. One original goal of the project was to strengthen the meta-collection of our consortium (LINK+) through the intentional and coordinated diversification of approval plan profiles, however, massive change in our consortium membership is also requiring us to evaluate the impact on our libraries of issues like increased inter-library lending, demonstrating the risks as well as the rewards of shared collection decision making. We will discuss methodology and findings to date: how data is being gathered, analyzed, and then used on our campuses to inform collection development decisions.