Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Scholarship

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In Volume 7 of the special issue of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Scholarship A Time for Reckoning: Reflections and Analyses for “The Sum of Us”, seven contributors consider, grapple with, debate, and reflect upon Heather McGhee’s 2021 book, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together. Through cultural, psychological, historical, and socio-political lenses, the authors in this special issue contemplate and analyze how McGhee’s work impacts their creative works, community projects, and research. The essays span different settings - from the Arizona-Mexico border, to the US prison system - to different opinions and emotional responses. Some are inspired and hopeful after reading McGhee’s book, while others are more skeptical about the innovation of the work and cautious about the potential for tangible systemic change. These essays provide multiple frameworks for reviewing her work and raise important question to consider as we attempt to reckon with racism’s enduring legacy in America.