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The purpose of this study was to assess the reliability and validity of a mobility obstacle course for women with mobility impairments. Participants included 72 adult women with permanent physical disabilities including arthritis, orthopedic conditions, paraplegia, and others. The 60-m course consisted of carpeted runways and turns, ramps, a doorway, a transfer, and object manipulation. Participants completed two trials, walking or wheeling through the course as quickly as possible, safely and without running. Total course time and peak heart rate data were correlated with SF-36 health survey subscales. Overall, peak heart rate was significantly (p < .05) correlated with physical functioning (r = -.328), limitations due to physical functioning (r = .261), and pain (r = .296). Total course time was significantly correlated with physical functioning. These findings indicate very high reliability and preliminary evidence of validity.


This article was published by the American Kinesiotherapy Association.