Date of Submission

Spring 5-6-2022

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Dr Trinette Radasa

Second Advisor

Dr Jo Loomis


Community health workers in the Latinx community, sometimes called promotores de salud, are employed in a variety of medical settings to help increase access to health promoting services such as awareness, education, and screening. Given their deep understanding of the culture and community in which they work, community health workers in Latinx communities are increasingly included in the healthcare team for their cultural sensitivity and versatility with hard- to-reach populations, including the support of pregnant women and children. An integrative review of the literature seeks to understand if community health workers can improve outcomes for pregnant women who also suffer from substance use disorder in the rural Latinx community. Results show that community health workers have effectively cared for patients with a variety of highly stigmatized issues, including some literature specific to substance use disorder and pregnancy. Clinical implications for improving outcomes for pregnant Latinx women with substance use disorder include practical and educational benefits for the community, the medical care team, the fetus, and the patient herself. The literature suggests that the inclusion of well- educated community health workers on the health care team specific to substance use disorder during pregnancy in the rural Latinx community can improve outcomes.

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