Date of Submission

Winter 12-26-2019

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Robin Buccheri

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Elena Capella



Aim This manuscript aims to synthesize the literature on the skills and knowledge needed by frontline nurse leaders and effective orientation or training programs developed to meet those needs.

Background Frontline nurse leaders are often promoted to positions of leadership due to their strong clinical skills; they often do not receive formal training.

Evaluation A literature search was conducted to identify and critically appraise journal articles that discuss orientation and training programs offered to frontline nurse leaders.

Key Issues The literature review revealed that frontline nurse leaders require a variety of skills and knowledge to be successful. Orientation and training programs developed to meet the needs of these frontline nurse leaders were summarized. Successfully implemented programs have covered a wide range of topics, deemed necessary for frontline nurse leaders, including addressing staff shortcoming, daily operations, and leadership style.

Conclusion Studies included in this review defined the essential aspects of how frontline nurse leaders are prepared for their new role. A wide variety of topics were suggested by frontline nurse leaders themselves: communication, finance, human resource, conflict resolution, scheduling, and management.

Implications for nursing leadership Formal preparation of frontline leaders is often overlooked and leads to unnecessary turnover. Creating an evidence-based orientation program followed by an ongoing training program for new frontline nurse leaders is critical. This training should be based on a needs assessment that addresses the specific needs of frontline nurse managers.

Keywords: assistant nurse manager, nurse manager, frontline leaders, orientation, training

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