Date of Graduation

Winter 12-12-2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


School of Nursing and Health Professions



First Advisor

Dr. Stefan Rowniak

Second Advisor

Dr. KT Waxman

Third Advisor

Dr. Gregory Crow


Healthcare disparities in the transgender populations have been linked to lack of healthcare provider cultural competence (IOM, 2011; Bradford et al., Harbin et al., 2012; Eliason, Dibble, & DeJoseph, 2010; Lim, Brown, & Jones, 2013). Prior research has identified that healthcare providers receive little, if any, transgender cultural competence training during their formal education. A survey of nursing educators at the University of San Francisco School (USF) of Nursing and Health Professions suggested that few educators are providing transgender content or understand the unique healthcare needs of that population. A literature review concluded that little is known about the best way to educate nursing learners on transgender cultural competence. To address the education gap identified at USF, a nursing education toolkit was generated that focuses on transgender cultural competence. The toolkit includes: instructions, a pre-test, an original learning manuscript, video recommendations, teaching recommendations, consent form, six standardized patient simulation scenarios, a post-test and evaluation form. Testing of the toolkit content was completed on the 20th of September 2014 on a group of student volunteers. The results of the testing suggest that the content provided in the toolkit does increase nursing transgender cultural competence and willingness to provide care to transgender individuals. These findings appear to mirror the results of other research that found that providing cultural sensitivity training to healthcare providers does increase transgender cultural competence.