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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


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Leadership Studies


Catholic Educational Leadership EdD

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Doreen Jones

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Michael Duffy

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James Everitt


The Perceived Influence of Lasallian Mission Formation Programs on Participants from the District of San Francisco New Orleans

The mission of Catholic education involves the faith formation and the integral human development of individuals (Second Vatican Council, 1965a). The Catholic Church recognizes that the realization of this two-fold mission, religious and academic, is primarily dependent upon school faculty and staff. The De La Salle Christian Brothers have made mission formation of faculty and staff one of their principal aims. Within the United States, they provide a variety of Regional and District formation programs to assist their faculty and staff advance the mission of Lasallian Catholic education. To date, limited empirical data exists concerning these formation programs. This study sought to address that limitation.

This study investigated the perceptions of Lasallian Catholic school faculty and staff of the San Francisco New Orleans District (SFNO District) regarding their mission formation experiences between 2005 and 2015. The quantitative study utilized a researcher-designed online survey. One hundred sixty-six faculty and staff from 16 Lasallian Catholic secondary schools who attended the nine Lasallian mission formation programs under review were invited to participate in this research, and 73% (N=121) accepted and completed the online survey. Most participants (92%) were lay men and women.

The study’s findings suggest that the Catholic Church’s call for faculty and staff to be prepared and formed both spiritually and professionally is being addressed by the SFNO District Christian Brothers. The findings also confirmed the influence of the Lasallian Regional and District mission formation programs upon the study’s participants. Data revealed that the respondents perceived the programs experienced to be “very influential” on their ability to address the Five Core Principals of Lasallian education in their schools. Also, respondents considered the programs under review to be recommendable to a colleague. Data found that 45% of the respondents attended one mission formation program while 55% attended two or more programs during the time period examined. However, less than 20% of all faculty and staff in the 16 Lasallian secondary schools had attended one of the nine mission formation programs under review during this time period. This finding suggests that Lasallian mission formation in the SFNO District is needed in the future.