Date of Graduation


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


School of Education


International and Multicultural Education


International & Multicultural Education EdD

First Advisor

Susan R Katz

Second Advisor

Shabnam Koirala-Azad

Third Advisor

Cori Bussolari


Informed by feminist theories of emotion and the concept of critical emotional praxis, this PAR study highlights the emotional terrain of four Northern California community college teachers who teach human rights. The following meta-question guided this research: "Given the role of emotions in challenging injustice, as well as in engaging in personal and societal change, what role do emotions play when teaching in a community college?" Data sources included journals, monthly meetings, final reflection narratives, and exit interviews, which were culled for emergent themes. The findings indicate that the co-researchers in this study experienced emotional ambivalence (the simultaneous experience of positive and negative emotions) towards the label of human rights educator, as well as other aspects of the community college profession. This study uncovered new knowledges and conceptualizations in understanding how emotions are central to teaching, learning and honoring the human rights of all beings. Specifically, engagement in critical emotional praxis allowed the co-researchers to teach for transformation. We discovered that by focusing on the emotional aspects of teaching, educators are able to teach wholeheartedly and work towards personal, professional, institutional, and societal change.