What:  #CritLib Unconference San Francisco 2015

When:  Friday, June 26th 2015, 8:30am-1pm

Where:  University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library (30 minute bus ride from ALA location)

Cost:  Free! Coffee and snacks provided, lunch will be on your own.

This unconference, coinciding with the ALA Annual Conference 2015, aims to bring together a diverse group of voices to address this social justice work from a range of perspectives. As we gather in San Francisco to discuss best practices and plan the profession’s future, we invite you to join us on June 26th. 

Library instruction, assessment, cataloging and classification, collection building, staffing, administration, and other functions of libraries are all political projects that librarians undertake inside institutions that operate under capitalist, patriarchal, and racist power structures that many of us aim to contest. How do we do this in both theory and practice?

How is this different from the ALA main event?

  • This is open to non-ALA conference registrants, but we hope that ALA participants will join us too.

  • The unconference allows a more openly critical, social justice perspective.
  • This will be a small concentrated group with specific focus.

  • This is a less common conference theme.

What IS an "unconference"?
Short answer: No predetermined schedule, presentations or panels. What happens will be determined by who shows up and everyone is expected to participate. So it should be relevant and fun.