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Winter 12-18-2015

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions


The congestive heart failure patient faces many challenges after discharge from the hospital. Learning how to manage diet, medications, and other lifestyle changes needed for symptom management can lead to multiple readmissions and rapid progression of condition. Many patients feel overwhelmed at time of discharge from the hospital, and many miss key components in discharge instructions and education. The main objective of the organizations Heart Failure program is to educate patients who have been admitted into the hospital with systolic or diastolic heart failure. Within our team we set out to educate our patients and their families on reducing incidents of fluid overload with lifestyle changes such as, following a low sodium diet, watching for early signs and symptoms of fluid overload, taking medications regularly and getting daily activity. The Congestive Heart Failure team wants to ensure that handoff and transition from inpatient to outpatient is a smooth encounter for our patients. Ensuring patients have follow-up appointments will assist them in receiving information and education on how to meet their self-management goals. As the CNL my goal is to ensure that the project improves safety, is effective, efficient and is patient centered.

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