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Spring 5-20-2021

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions


Successful Code Blues require knowledge and skills from the patient’s nurses, doctors, and other members of the health professional care team. The primary nurse of a patient experiencing a Code Blue must know how to recognize a code and how to proceed during a code in order to result in a positive patient outcome. While the intensive care units have codes frequently, units such as the Medical-Surgical floors tend to have less of those. When those skills such as providing high-quality compressions and using automated external defibrillators are not being put into practice nor reviewed, some instances, Medical-Surgical nurses forget how to proceed during Code Blues. Other times, due to the lack of experience in Code Blues, Medical-Surgical nurses are nervous and anxious when it comes to delivering a quick report to the code team. This specific quality improvement project led by the Graduate Nursing Students of the University of San Francisco aims to boost Medical-Surgical nurses’ confidence and skills by means of training and education.

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