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Spring 5-14-2020

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


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First Advisor

Danijela Pavlic


The Sapphire ™ Infusion System Patient-Controlled-Analgesia (PCA) pump is a device that is used to administer high pain medication to manage a patient’s pain level after an invasive procedure such as surgery. In order to achieve this goal, nurses must be able to use the sapphire equipment efficiently to prevent medication overdose and underdose, as well as to preserve safety for both the patients and the nurses themselves. In addition, nurses must be able to document accurately on EPIC. The purpose of this project, led by the team of Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) students from the University of San Francisco, was to educate the nurses in various units at Suburban Medical Center A and B with regard to the correct and effective use of the Sapphire PCA pump; also, to manage a patient’s pain level. Throughout our initial implementation (9 questions survey metric) we surveyed 286 nurses in both medical centers to discover if they had used, or been exposed to, the Sapphire PCA pump. We found out that (n=171) nurses had used the pump before, and (n=115) nurses had never used the Sapphire PCA Pump. After the in-service training the post survey data showed there was a 58.5% increase level of confidence in the application of the pump. At the same time, some nurses expressed having difficulties using it. Unfortunately, due to limitations related to the coronavirus pandemic, our project was terminated and the team was unable to finish the in-service education and the post-survey phase, but a video recorded by our team was provided to the medical centers with step-by step instructions on how to use the Sapphire PCA pump along with some clarification of nurses’ concerns. With regard to this project, upcoming CNL students will continue the in-service education.

Keywords: Sapphire PCA pump, nursing staff education, safety, pain management

Sapphire Poster Final-CNL .pdf (1010 kB)
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