Go Good will take the form of a digital memorial, incorporating short stories, voice notes, music, and photographs, among other fragmented artifacts, to honor mythical life, death, and spiritual afterlife. It will borrow from the transnational account of a Guyanese woman who travels with, hides, and passes along her spiritual possessions. Reliant on affect and memory, this digital altar aims to swell the imagination, encounter new worlds, and restructure the frames placed around control, materiality, home, and humanity. This song offers reflections on the beginning of the production process of a forthcoming digital research project. While this song is a meditation on many of Toni Morrison’s writings, it is mainly a site where Washington places lessons learned from the Guyanese elder in conversation with Sylvia Wynter’s piece, “On How We Mistook the Map for the Territory, and Re-Imprisoned Ourselves in Our Unbearable Wrongness of Being, of Désêtre” and Toni Morrison and Angela Davis’ 2010 conversation at the New York Public Library. This community remains apt for a woman and immigrant who not only navigated multiple territories, but through her teachings, offered a rich map of humanity that extended to a place she could never fully know but could deeply perceive. Produced with the principle of memory as generative, “Go Good: Reading, Mapping, and Teaching the Territory through Space and Time” will provide strong rationale for methodological approaches that explore and showcase different genres of the human.


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