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This paper addresses important challenges related to the 2013 SIG-SVC workshop’s theme, “Delivering and Managing Services in Systems of Service Systems.” It provides an operational view of systems of service systems (SOSS) in the form of a new metamodel that significantly extends previous metamodels related to work systems and service systems. An operational view of this type is necessary for understanding and analyzing existing service systems and for designing improvements and new service systems.

The metamodel’s perspective on service and service systems agrees only partially with service dominant logic and other current ideas in service science. The paper starts by explaining an integrated view of those topics. It then proceeds to explain the metamodel itself, including entity types and relationships between entity types. It discusses why and how the metamodel includes many common concepts from service science explicitly, supports inferences about other concepts, and omits other service science concepts altogether. The concluding section summarizes ways in which the metamodel serves as a lens for topics related to SOSS. Those topics include what is meant by SOSS, documentation of an SOSS, visibility and vigilance in an SOSS, loose or tight coupling, emergent properties, resource availability, system interactions, interference and points of failure, dealing with change, and agent based modeling.

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