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Making ethical decisions is important for both personal and business situations. This case study suggests a different approach to educating business students about ethics and personal character. By exposing beginning business students to personal and business dilemmas, requiring reflection papers on their experiences, debating business and political issues, and through other activities such as discussion various business ethical dilemmas, students will become more sensitive to ethical issues and ideally see character development as something directly related to their studies. Additionally, by having students take this course in their first year of undergraduate studies, this will affect the context and experience of most of their remaining courses, including business courses. This course‘s purpose ultimately is to help equip the student to be more morally perceptive and thoughtful, and in so doing, help them become mature professionals with improved excellence of character.


Presented at The 3rd Annual American Institute of Higher Education International Conference in Nashville, TN (April 29-May 1, 2009).

Published by The American Institute of Higher Education.

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